“Joey the Opossum That Went to School”

Joey the OpossumWelcome to the “Joey the Opossum That Went to School” website.

In March, 2006, I found a small baby opossum in my backyard. It was injured and alone. I came to find that its mother and siblings had been killed by a neighbor’s dogs. After calling our local wildlife center, I decided to raise the little guy until he could be released.

I was a science teacher, loved animals and knew this would be an excellent educational opportunity for both my students and me. I didn’t know that finding Joey would change my life forever! What started as an educational experiment turned into a much deeper experience than I ever imagined.

Due to injuries, Joey could not be released, so I became his caregiver. He went to school with me every day until he began to sleep all day. Then he came to school “to work” as an educational opossum ambassador whenever needed. He visited classrooms much to everyone’s delight! The students drew pictures, wrote reports, graphic organizers, stories and food chains! A wonderful time was had by all—then Joey went back to the classroom and slept while I taught! The book is the dream I had for Joey when I first found him. I hope, in the future, to offer more books and products.

I hope you enjoy it!

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